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Nationwide Immigration Law Practice,Deportation and Removal Defense, Immigration Court, Federal court, Appeal, Cancellation of Removal, Bond, NACARA, ABC, TPS, Asylum, Family and Marriage Petition in US & Consular Processing, Hardship Waivers, other waivers, J-1 waiver, Litigations.
US Citizenship, Work visa, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Investment Visa, (EB-5), E-2, TN, Nafta.


Employment & Labor Certification (Perm), WAVA and Abused, Naturalization.

In addition to our Nation Wide Immigration Practice we also handle Vacating Criminal Plead, Criminal Law; DUI, Divorce & Custody; Lemon Law, Civil Practice; Auto Injuries; Wrongful Death, International and State Adoptions, and Business Formations and Contract Law.

We can assist you with Immigration laws, Immigrant and non immigrant visas, if you wish to immigrate to the beautiful United States or Canada you are just a call away.

Non-immigrant visas :







B-1 and B-2: Visitor visas
With this visa business travelers can visit USA, and if you only need to visit U.S. for a couple of months is not necessary to apply for permanent visa.

E-1: Treaty Trader
Visa merchants. trade volume should be sufficient to justify and manage the application. no minimum established, but the more the lower the smaller volume is to get the visa poibilidades

E-2: Treaty Ivestor
Like the E-1 is no prescribed minimum so that investors can get this category. The amount must be sufuciente to justify the United States will implement a business.

E-3: Certain Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia
Only applies to persons nations of Australia. For people who come to America to play a specialized occupation.

F-1: Student visas
Visa for students who have successfully completed their academic program. Students may remain in the United States to a maximum of 60 days.

H-1B / H-1B1: Temporary Worker Visas
Is a non-immigrant visa in the United States, for foreign workers to work temporarily. The person must have a minimum a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

H-2B: Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers
allows U.S. employers bring foreign workers temporary Non-Agricultural . For this you must file Form I-129.

H-3: Nonimmigrant Trainee
Is for foreigners who come either to receive graduate medical courses, which is not available in your country of origin or to participate in a student exchange program.

H-3: Nonimmigrant Trainee
Is for foreigners who come either to receive graduate medical courses, which is not available in your country of origin or to participate in a student exchange program.

J-1: Exchange Visitor Program
This visa, promotes cultural exchange, mostly for medical training, or business within the United States.

K-1 / K-3: Visa Timelines
The U.S. native citizens who choose to bring your partner into the country must decide whether it will make a k1 or k3. The answer depends on the particularity of each case. You can call us for details.

L-1: Intra-Company Transfer Visa for USA
It is a document provided to enter the U.S. with working purposes, is only valid for short periods of time, mostly of 3 years.

L-1A: Intracompany Transferee Executive or Manager
It allows the employer to transfer to a manager or executive in one of its local and foreign affiliates to their local United States. to this effect the employer must make the request with the name of the employee with Form I-129.

L-1B: Worker Visa Basics
For people who want to come from abroad to work in the U.S. People with experience, specializing in services for a Coorporación or company. with this visa can stay up to 3 years but may extend to 5 years.

L-2: Spouse and childrens visa
This visa allows your spouse and minor children can come to the U.S.

O-1: Alien of Extraordinary Ability
This visa is for people who have extraordinary ability in science also have a proven track record and is known for his achievements.
This visa has several classifications as O-1A, O-1B, O-2, O-3. You can call us for details.

P-1: Athletes visa
P-1 visa is for athletes who come to the United States to participate in any tournament either individually or as part of a group.

R-1: Religious Workers
Is for foreigners who want to come to the United States for at least half-time through a religious organization in the United States to fill jobs as ministers or some other religious work.

TN-1: Visa for Canadians
Canada natural persons may often to the United States more easily than others, because there is free trade in North America.

TN-2: Visa for Canadians
a diferencia de los canadienses, los mexicanos necesitan una visa TN-2 que tiene mas obstaculos. Esta visa es solo para profesionales y que ademas tengan una licenciatura.

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