Daily Immigration News Clips

Daily Immigration News Clips

21 June, 2016

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on June 21, 2016.


Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court to Review No-Bail Policy for Immigrants Awaiting Hearings
By Jess Bravin

Associated Press: Supreme Court Takes Up Dispute Over Immigrant Detention
By Sam Hananel

Politico: Supreme Court to decide rights of jailed immigrants
By Josh Gerstein

The Hill: Supreme Court to review rights of detained immigrants
By Lydia Wheeler

Associated Press: 8 cases remain for Supreme Court
By Mark Sherman

Vice: Hondurans seeking asylum in the US are being bused back to the murder capital of the world
By Meredith Hoffman

Associated Press: NYC naturalization ceremony to mark World Refugee Day

Politico: Poll: Trump’s judge comments help Clinton to 8-point lead in Florida
By Marc Caputo

Politico: Swing-state polls: Trump slipping in Florida, Ohio By Nick Gas

Fox News Latino: Poll: More than 80 percent of Hispanic women say they will vote in November

Elle: 27.3 Million Latinos Will Vote in November?Here’s What They’re Thinking
By Aliza Abarbanel

Associated Press: Clinton Seeking to Disqualify Trump on Handling of Economy

Politico: Apple’s Cook to host Paul Ryan fundraiser amid Trump woes
By Tony Romm

Politico: Kerry: Trump refugee rhetoric deviates from presidential norm
By Biance Padro Ocasio

Politico: Moody’s analysis: Trump presidency would ‘significantly’ hurt economy
By Nolan McCaskill

Talking Points Memo: Rubio’s Senate Problem: He Has To Defy Trumpmentum To Keep His Seat
By Lauren Fox

The Hill: Jewish news organization declares 24-hour ban on Trump content
By Rebecca Savransky

Jerusalem Post: Tensions with Trump’s Jewish son-in-law reportedly behind ouster of campaign manager

The Hill (Opinion): Don’t Target the Vulnerable
By Benjamin Johnson

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Supreme Court Saving Biggest Cases for the End
By Jacob Gershman

Washington Post (Opinion): A delegate revolt has become Republicans’ only option
By Michael Gerson

New Republic (Opinion): Why Paul Ryan Can’t Quit Donald Trump
By Brian Beutler

The Atlantic (Opinion): The Republican Party’s White Strategy
By Peter Beinart

The Atlantic (Opinion): Is Long-Term Immigration Detention Illegal?
By J Weston Phippen



Star-Telegram (Texas): Immigrant activists protest federal judge in downtown Fort Worth
By Mitch Mitchell

Boston Globe (Massachusetts): Still searching for home: An update on Alex and Leo
By Scott Helman

Columbus Dispatch: Clinton, Trump deadlocked in new Ohio poll
By Darrel Rowland

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