5 June, 2020

USCIS is reopen as of June 4, 2020. What does that mean. We all know that USCIS did not cease operations three months ago. It simply stopped doing interviews at its local offices and taking fingerprints at its application support centers (and of course, it stopping swearing in new citizens). All of those activities restart, in most US cities, on June 4. What that means for each city depends not only the level of COVID-19 infections there, but, now, also on the level of civil unrest. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for updates and videos about these daily changes.

USCIS also announced that it is resuming premium processing for a variety of case types, but only under specific conditions. This seems odd, given that USCIS also announced that it will have to close down in July because it is running out of money! You would think the agency would open all case types for “premium” processing, just to get the money it needs to avoid shutting down!

Finally, late on Friday afternoon last week, the Trump administration issued a proclamation limiting students visas for nationals of China.

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