Immigration News and Updates | Shabani & Associates - Part 18
  • USCIS Streamline Review of Certain Administrative Cases Affected by Specific Errors

    23 April, 2012

    WASHINGTON – The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has set a faster process to review and correct decisions that result from certain administrative errors. This process allows customers to request an expedited review of your case and the subsequent Correction of the decision, in cases where an administrative error or data entry is […]

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  • Rise in smuggling of migrants

    17 April, 2012

    ONU representative says that the bigger are the barriers between countries are most vulnerable undocumented MEXICO CITY (17/ABR/2012.) – A multimillion-dollar business and is on the rise. Trafficking in migrants leaving annually 6.6 billion dollars, according to the Mexico representative of the Office of the United Nations Organization (ONU) Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio L. […]

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  • Countries with limited or no U.S. Visa Service

    12 April, 2012

    Consulates and embassies of United States sometimes limit or suspend visa services due to various reasons like. Civil wars, natural disasters or security reasons and other reasons. Below is a list of countries that currently provide limited services for visas, also a list of countries where service is suspended and another list of countries that […]

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  • Temporary Protection For People of the Syrian Arab Republic

    2 April, 2012

      WASHINGTON – Due to the violence in the Republic of Syria. USCIS announced today that people, who have citizenship in Syria, or persons whose last residence was Syria, are qualified to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The exact details can be found at On March 23, 2012, Janet Napotitano (Secretary of Homeland […]

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  • USCIS announces opportunity for citizenship and integration

    26 March, 2012

      WASHINGTON – U.S. USCIS announced today that it is available a grant program to promote civic union immigrants and permanent residents prepare for citizenship. The grant program this year will provide about five million dollars in funding for such programs in communities across the country. Through this grant opportunity, USCIS aims to expand quality […]

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  • Disorder with immigration in Alabama

    16 March, 2012

      The state of Alabama has been completely a mess after a federal judge on Sept. 28. It upheld the finding of certain provisions of HB-56, the state of Draconian anti-immigrant law. ACLU staffers on the ground report Masses of Families That arefleeing the state in fear. The ACLU and ACLU of Alabama, along With […]

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