Immigration News and Updates | Shabani & Associates - Part 19
  • CSC Provides Religious Worker Filing Tips

    13 March, 2012

      In a recent USCIS Stakeholders Meeting at the California Service Center (CSC), the CSC shared various practice and case preparation tips for nonimmigrant I-129R and special immigrant religious worker I-360 petitions (AILA Doc. No. 12021547). CSC recommended consulting specific USCIS checklists M-736 and M-737(available at to prepare comprehensive, complete cases. Additionally, CSC specifically recommended: 1) Ensure that R-1 Supplement […]

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  • Form I-601 is NOT in effect

    28 February, 2012

    USCIS is considering modifications that would allow immediate family (spouse, children or parents of U.S. citizens) who can prove extreme hardship of the U.S. citizen to receive a temporary exemption from the restrictions of unlawful presence before leaving the United States. This law is not and will not be available to applicants until the USCIS […]

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  • All that glitters… the story of Obama Amnesty

    10 February, 2012

    The reality behind this “too good to be true” story of the immigration regulation issued by the Obama administration During the last two weeks we have been hearing that the Obama administrations is planning to issue a regulation that would be able to address the problem created by Catch 22, that forced the spouses and […]

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  • Promoting the Family Unity with the New Waiver Policy

    6 February, 2012

    This new proposal would let thousands of spouses of U.S. citizens apply finally for green cards Keeping the purpose of promoting family unity and despite the fact that thousands of families in the U.S. consist on a couple of a U.S. citizen and an illegal alien that are usually kept away from each other in […]

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  • Latinos against Obama as Deportation Rises

    2 February, 2012

    More than two to one Latinos are against Obama administration as the deportations get to record levels Under President Obama administration, the deportations are getting over 30% higher than in George Bush’s second term and about double the annual rate during the first one. But not only this because, while the deportation are rising, the […]

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  • 58 Countries nationals are eligible for H-2A and H-2B

    30 January, 2012

    We bring you the list of the 58 countries that were qualified as eligible to be a part of the H-2A and H-2B programs The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of State had announced a list of 58 countries whose nationals will be able to participate on the H-2A and H-2B programs […]

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