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    After many years of battling with USCIS, we are now lawful residents of the United States. It has been 18 years since I have seen my ill mother and thankful we can now be together. Thank you.


    3 November, 2020

  • I am a trained paralegal and had difficulty navigating the complex process of interpreting the numerous and often ambiguous letters I kept receiving from the National Visa Center during my daughter-in-law’s immigration process. So, I hired Michael Shabani. I was very pleased with his courteous staff and prompt and professional service to the many inquiries I had over the course of the case. He was able to anticipate pitfalls and ensure that all the necessary requirements were met within the time limits. The result is that my daughter-in-law had her interview, received her visa and will be immigrating to the United States very soon!
    Trying to represent oneself in the complex and ever-changing immigration law is not recommended! Mr. Shabani and his law office are excellent at what they do. You will save yourself time and money by letting his skill and expertise help you complete your case in this complex legal area.


    26 February, 2019

  • Excellent lawyer and very knowledgeable!

    Mr. Shabani assisted my husband and I with our case from beginning to end. We never felt out of the loop and always were told about the progress of our case. If you want a lawyer who knows what he’s doing and cares about your case then look no further! Mr. Shabani has been practicing Immigration for a very long time and has handled enough cases to be able to handle any complex case. Read the reviews to see for your self.


    14 May, 2018

  • Great Immigration Lawyer!!

    Micheal Shabani and his team has helped my family so much with all of our immigration needs. Our case was very difficult and had many different steps but Shabani handled our case with ease!! My family was separated but Shabani reunited us!! There is much more work to do, but the hardest work is done already. Micheal Shabani really knows his immigration work well, he is professional and very determined to get everything done in a timely manner. I can not thank him enough for doing everything he has for my family. I would strongly recommend Micheal Shabani.


    18 April, 2018

  • Immigration issues

    I would personally want to thank Mr Shabani for all he has done for me. He took up my case and guided me all through the immigration process. I would recommend anyone with immigration issues to contact Mr Shabani because he’s the best in town and widely known even by the immigration officials. You will not be disappointed.


    10 April, 2018

  • Excellent immigration lawyer

    Mr. Shabani has been the best lawyer that i could ever come across. In such a short term he was able to get me a permanent resident card. Im really thankful and satisfied with Mr. Shabani. I extremely recommend him for any immigration issues.


    12 March, 2018

  • Best of the best!

    I was highly doubtful about my case. But my marriage based petition for green card interview goes smooth. Finally I am permanent resident of USA. Thanks to Mr. Shabani who guide thru us all the way. The credit goes to him. I would highly recommend him for any immigration case. He is one the best in this business. I am glad I got his help to succeed what I was needed in my case. Thanks Mr. Shabani I hope nothing but the best for your future. (Testimony from Avvo.com profile.)


    11 May, 2017

  • Successful representation in highly complex, employment-based petition for permanent residency…

    My employment-based application for Adjustment of Status (AOS) was highly complex, spanning an entire decade of employment history and involving five different corporations and six different engineering positions. When I lost my job only a few months before becoming eligible for AOS, two other immigration attorneys told me that I had very little chance of successfully applying for Permanent Residency and that I should exit the U.S. right away. Mr. Shabani on the other hand, after thoroughly examining applicable case law, advised me otherwise. Mr. Shabani handled my case himself (I never had to deal with a rookie paralegal…), examined and discussed all legal options and kept me informed at each step of the process. Nine months later, a USCIS Permanent Resident “Welcome Letter” was in my mailbox!!! (Testimony from Avvo.com profile.)


    11 May, 2017

  • Great to work with!

    Shabani and associates is an excellent firm and they demonstrated it by handling our immigration case with professionalism, personalized customer service, quick responses to inquiries and kindness. Mr. Shabani is an experienced immigration attorney always looking to offer the best options possible to his clients on immigration related matters. The staff is friendly and helpful. Therefore, my wife and I highly recommend their firm. (Testimony from Avvo.com profile.)


    3 May, 2017

  • He’s excellent!

    I had a difficult case Mr. Michael Shabani resolve my case I called and I saw a bunch of lawyers every single of them said no to me and when I call mr. Shabani he’s very patient and take his time with me then tell me yes and fix my problem basically him save my life I recommend him to everybody…
    وقتی که من به مشکل پیدا کردم به هر جا که زنگ زدم یا که رفتم پیش هر وکیلی جواب آنها یا نه بود یا اینکه پول زیادی از من میخواستند اما بخدا قسم میخورم که تنها انسان یا وکیلی که قبول کرد با شرایت مالی و موقیت من کنار آمد فقط آقای شعبانی بودکه پله پله با من در هر دادگاه حضور داشت تا اینکه به لطف خدا وکمک آقای شعبانی مشکلم حل شد و خدا را شکر و از پدر ومادرم ممنونم که آقای شعبانی را به من معرفی .کردند


    1 February, 2017

  • Horacio-Reyna

    Hello, my name is Horacio Reyna, I recommend Mr. Shabani for immigration process. In a period of 3 months he started my paperwork and I was sent to México. In 5 months I got my resident card and came back legal to the United States. I’m very grateful with God and with the attorney for helping to process my immigration status.



    Horacio Reyna

    27 May, 2016

  • Hunar

    This is one of our success stories.
    The Angels were granted United States Permanent Residency cards. Both parents were here for several years in illegal status (over 20 years) and were placed in removal proceedings. We had to show that the parents’ deportation would cause an extreme and unusual hardship to the children. The trial lasted a day and a half with Immigration judge finally entered her Order granting them Lawful Permanent Residency. This photo was taken in 2008 shortly after having lunch with Angle’s family.


    The Angels Family

    26 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    Firstly, I want to appreciate Shabani & Associates for their great help to get my E-2 visa. I enjoyed working with Shabani & Associates. I always wish to be a good businessman and that was the first step to make it real. I opened a business and asked Shabani & Associates to open a case for business visa. At least I got it and I m happy. I recommend everybody to work with Shabani & Associates.


    Hunar Ashrafzade

    26 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    I would like to said thanks a lot to my Mr. Shabanni for everything, for all that help and undestanding… he is a very professional attorney, the best that I found. I hope more people can contact him.
    PS. Thanks to Mr Shabani I have my residence, this take me only 6 – 7 months…

    Thank You,

    Cinthia Delgado Rivera

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final
    Mr. Shabani I want to say thank you again for everything you and Sara and your associates have done for our family.
    From our first day in your office; we were nervous, scared and expecting our second child and you and your staff went to work immediately and put all our fears aside. You were honest and told us from the beginning it was not going to be easy and that it takes time, paitience, and understanding.
    Fast forward 2 years and another baby later and my husband is home with his family where he should be and its all thanks to God and you and your amazing staff.
    Without your help i don’t know where my family would be. We are forever in your debt and you and Sara will always be like family to us. I pray God blesses you as he has us.

    Thank You!

    Jammie Martinez

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    I Audel Mendoza Nava came to Shabani & Associates for my immigration case. I was referred by a previous client of Mr. Shabani. I was referred by a previous client of Mr Shabani. I was scared because I myself didnt had a very good chance to obtain my green card.

    But with the help of God and Mr Michael Shabani. I didn´t stay to long in Mexico and after 4 months. I was back in USA with my resident card. I want to thank Mr Shabani for helping me with my greencard. I have referred more clients yo Mr Shabani whom he is helping right now. Everytime I called the office the staff was very nice and answers all my questions, once again thank you, Mr Shabani.

    Audel Mendoza Nava

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    I would like to thank Shabani & Associates for their hard work for the past 3 months on their way to help my wife stay in the United States. Mr. Shabani and his brother Allen Shabani are great lawyers and very honest gentlemen. They worked very hard to make a deportable charge an old CIMT conviction, which was not supposed to be vacated set aside in the State court on a post conviction motion. The Shabani’s did something that was impossible into reality. Several attorneys told us that they cannot do anything and that in fact my wife was ordered by immigration judge to leave U.S. last month. But due to diligent work and wisdem of the Shabani’s, my wife is here now. The Shabani’s were on point, curious and effective. Mr. Shabani was referred to me by biggest Atlanta firm. When I inquired about the firm i was told that Mr. Shabani Rock!! Their work ethic is one of the best and what they have done for my family is incredible. Infinite thanks to Mr. Shabani and his firm.

    Kevin Kong

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    Mr. Shabanni,

    I would like to thank you for assisting me in renewing my permanent resident card.  I appreciate the effort you made as it was more difficult than usual to get my card due to having lost all my documents and not having any identification at all when I started processing my application to replace/renew my card.

    Your effort and dedication to assist customers such as me is much appreciated and I know I will not hesitate to obtain your services if I need them in the future.

    Thank you,
    257 Green Park South
    Pelham, AL 35124

    Maria E. Valencia-Torres

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final


    Dear Dr. Shabani:
    We want to thank you for everything that you have done for us.
    We know you are working very hard in our case and you will always been in our hearts and prayers.

    Thank you so much,

    Reinel Bedoya

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    My name is Micaela Tzoc. I would love to tell you about mi immigration case. This was a case that was definitely lost because they wanted to deport me or for me to sign my voluntary departure. I went to three lawyers and all three of them told me that I had a lost case and neither of them could help me. But thanks to God I found a professional lawyer that specializes in immigration cases. I talked and explained my case to him and that same day he told yes we can win this case. This lawyer’s name is Michael M. Shabani. I want to let you know that now I am a Permanent Resident. You friend, that is reading this I advice you that you can with Michael Shabani. Put your faith in God and you will see that they can win your case.

    Micaela Tzoc

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    I would like to thank Shabani & Associates for helping me obtain a E-2 Visa. Working with your company was enjoyable and I recommend your services.

    I always wanted to be a great business person, but I knew I needed the proper permits to make me dream come true. When I opened my business, I hired Shabani & Associates to take my case for a business visa.

    Finally, after all their great work, I got my visa and I ´m a happy businessman in the United States of America. I recommend Shabani & Associates to anyone interested in opening a business in the United States and getting a Business visa permit.

    Thank You,

    Hunar Ashrafzade

    25 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    Dear Mr. Shabani, I just wanted to say .Thank you ,to you your associates and staff for all your help with obtaining a green card for my adopted son Gregory. I found you and your associates and staff very helpful every step of the way. Never had any problems with communication ,there was always someone to answer any questions I may of had ,at any time. You took the stress and confusion out it and for that I am very great full . So ,once again I put my trust and faith in you and yours to obtain certificate off citizenship for Gregory and my daughter Victoria. We are eternally great full for all your help. GOD bless you and yours…

    Thank You,

    Christine, Victoria and Gregory Scholl

    24 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    My name is Bianey Flores-Gonzalez, im a humble and peaceful person, but one day some persons made my days into something that I was not expecting. And after that I didn’t know what to do in that moment. After that 5 years past by until a friend spoke  to me about a lawyer SHABANl, he told me that he could help me ; my husband called and made an appointment and he talked to him about all these that had happened to me and he told him that with great pleasure he could help us. And now thanks to GOD and our lawyer SHABANI, today we have our permit to be in this country. I only want to tell all those persons with a similar problem do not hesitate in consulting with the lawyer Michael M. Shabani that which without a doubt, undoubtedly he is one of the best lawyers that I have met and that because of him and thanks to him today I have a permit not only for two years but for four years to be in this country. I am very grateful; both myself and my husband we thank him for giving us a new illusion and hope in our way with our family without fear of been deported. With our heart we truly give thanks to the best lawyer in the world. Mr. SHABANI , may God bless you always. And to anyone that reads this I tell you with all my heart do not give up; don’t abandon your dreams and yes you can do it. And again I thank the lawyer SHABANI for his hard work and dedication in our case. I thank you so much with all my heart.


    Bianey Flores Gonzalez

    23 May, 2016

  • shabani-reviews-final

    My best experience with Lawyer.

    My personal experience with Shabani associates. I have known Mr Shabani for several years and I found him to be a trust worthy, knowledgeable and dedicated attorney who works hard for his clients. I highly recommend him because simply He is the best in immigration law practice. My case was handled professionally and in timely manner. Staffs were kind and received every client with respect and hospitality. Overall, I rate this law firm and Mr Shanani highest and give them a golden star. Wish them success and recommend everybody to consult with them in case of legal need. Warm regards.

    Bita Hosseini

    19 May, 2016

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