The Personal Injury Do’s and Don’t

The Personal Injury Do’s and Don’t

9 August, 2019

Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Claims for personal injuries arising from auto accidents can be very complex and you should not try to handle it all on your own. Representation by an experienced personal injury attorney can make a big difference in your case outcome.

Dealing with insurance adjusters with respect to your medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages can be very difficult. Shabani & Associates, P.C.’s personal injury attorneys handle these cases every day and can maximize your recovery in your case. They can deal with the claims adjusters about your claims and deal with the doctors, hospitals and other medical providers about your unpaid medical bills and liens. If you do not have health insurance, you may find it difficult to obtain medical treatment. Shabani & Associates, P.C. can assist you in finding a doctor that will treat you via a letter of protection even if you have no insurance.

If your health insurance pays some or all of your medical bills from the accident, they generally seek to be reimbursed out of your settlement or judgment for what they have paid, referred to as subrogation. This is true for Medicare as well. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with negotiation or reduction of subrogation claims, as well as hospital liens and unpaid medical bills. These steps increase the amount of money you actually receive when your case is resolved.

If your case cannot be settled, you need attorneys who will try your case in court. Shabani & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys are experienced in trial of personal injury cases in jurisdictions throughout Alabama. If you are injured in an accident outside Alabama, we can assist you with those cases and obtain local counsel as needed.

If you were injured, the first step is to seek medical care. The longer you wait to seek medical care, the more the insurance company will argue that you were not really hurt or that your injuries were not severe. If there was not a lot of damage to your car, they may argue you were not really hurt. One thing you should not do is give a recorded statement or interview to the adjuster. The words you use are likely going to be used against you when it comes down to how much your case is worth.

With respect to your vehicle damages from the accident, if your vehicle is fairly new and is repaired than you may have claims for diminished value to your vehicle. This is because a car or truck that has bene wrecked and repaired is worth less than a vehicle that has not.

These are just a few aspects of automobile personal injury and property damage claims. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. There is no attorney fee on personal injury cases unless we make a recovery for you. Call our toll-free number 866-975-8472 or 205-823-1223 to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. Please visit our website at

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