Forms of Consultation with our Attorneys

Forms of Consultation there are various forms of consulation offered by

Shabani & Associates, P.C.:

In-Person Consultation: A consultation face-to-face in our office or in a place agreed to, in advance, by the attorney and the client.

Telephonic Consultation: A consultation over the telephone where you call us at the time of pre-scheduled consultation time.

E-mail Consultation: You email us your facts and questions and we will respond to your questions via email.

Facsimile Consultation: You fax us your facts and ask us your questions and we answer and fax you the answers to your questions.

Chat Consultation: You set up an appointment and request that we meet with you online at the scheduled time.

Video Conferencing Consultation: You set up an appointment and request that we meet with you online via video conferencing channel, like Skype, at the scheduled time.

The cost of the consultation is $200-$250 (if removal case) paid in advance of the consultation, at the time you set up the appointment. All consultation appointments are prepaid and pre-scheduled. Consultation time is 30 minutes only. If a consultation requires more than 30 minutes, you are encouraged to make prior payment arrangement and or you will be billed at the end of the consultation. Our Hourly rate is $250.00. Additional time, over the 30 minutes, will be billed based on our hourly basis. We accept credit cards, debit, check, and cash. All questions regarding our consultation fee are encouraged and welcomed.

Please CALL us To Schedule A Consultation Appointment.
For immediate assistance, call us at 205-823-1223 or fax us at 205-823-1967
For visa information, e-mail us
Call Toll-Free 1-866-WRK-VISA (975-8472). also

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