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ACLU Sues to get COVID-19 medication for Migrant

ACLU Sues To Get COVID-19 Medications Policy in Northern California Migrant Detention Centers | Davis Vanguard The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California is suing the …

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Sheltering policy

Denver Changes Policy on Sheltering Arriving Migrants | CBS News Starting May 8, Denver is changing its policy on arriving migrants and providing emergency shelter only to migrants …

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Budget default

Budgetary Default Could Delay Immigration Processing Times | Forbes In May 2022, the United States announced three efforts to increase efficiency in the legal immigration system and reduce backlogs. Some …

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Palestinian Refugee talks

‘Mo’ Creator Talks of Palestinian Refugee Hardships | Deadline Mo Amer, creator of the Netflix show “Mo,” speaks about the difficulties and tender vulnerabilities in translating his …

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Immigrants help US Economy

Opinion: How Immigrants Are Saving the U.S. Economy | Salt Lake Tribune/New York Times The U.S. economy is performing much better than most analysts predicted. One reason …

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Immigrant family reunited

Immigrant Family Reunited After Four Years Apart | The GuardianErnesto Ortega Lima and his family were separated in 2018 as they tried to cross into the United …

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Shift in where immigrants

Where Immigrants Are Coming From and Where They Reside in the U.S. | CNN The United States boasts the world’s largest immigrant population, with 45 million immigrants, representing 13.6 …

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Child labor law

Today’s Immigration NewsThe U.S. Was Warned of Migrant Child Labor and Chose To Ignore It | New York TimesOver the past two years, more than 250,000 unaccompanied migrant …

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Opinion: How Biden’s Concerning Asylum Limit Will Impact the Economy | The Hill During the State of the Union Address, President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to continue his …

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Racial Weapon

How Immigration Has Been Used as a “Racial Weapon” | Talking Points Memo A recent poll revealed that 30 percent of Americans “completely” or “mostly” agree with …

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TPS Holders

Senate Democrats File Bill To Allow Dreamers, TPS Holders to Work in Congress | The Hill Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois and Catherine Cortez Masto of …

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Los Angles Council

View this email in your browser Los Angeles Council Working to Bar City From Aiding Immigration Enforcement | ABC 7Elected leaders are working to officially make Los …

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Nicaraguan Migrants

Biden Administration To Grant Protections To Nicaraguan Migrants | Politico/MSNThe Biden administration is planning to redesignate Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, for Nicaragua amid pressure from Democratic …

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TPS for Yemen

The message below is the Arabic translation of the Extension and Redesignation of Yemen for TPS stakeholder message that was delivered via GovDelivery on Dec. …

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Non-Precedent -AAO Represented by Michael Shabani

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Immigration Law is the most complicated

Immigration law is often described as one of the most complicated areas of practice in the United States. How can new and aspiring practitioners learn …

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