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    Michael Shabani Television Interview on Immigration Policy

    31 July, 2018

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    Michael Shabani chosen Top Lawyer 2016

    26 August, 2016

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    The Facts on How Immigration Works for America

    8 August, 2016

    This election cycle has brought about the worst immigrant bashing in decades—most of it completely unsupported by any facts.  The constant barrage of blame is having an effect on many immigrant communities, and not simply the new arrivals, refugees, and unauthorized workers who are most often targeted through fearmongering.  What is consistently lost in the […]

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    Daily Immigration News Clips

    21 June, 2016

    Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on June 21, 2016. National Wall Street Journal: Supreme Court to Review No-Bail Policy for Immigrants Awaiting Hearings By Jess Bravin Associated Press: Supreme Court Takes Up Dispute Over Immigrant Detention By Sam Hananel Politico: Supreme Court to […]

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    Why go federal court to litigate immigration matters?

    25 May, 2016

    For most immigration attorneys, bringing an action in federal court is the option of last resort, but there are a variety of reasons to consider litigating an immigration matter in federal court, not least of which is the opportunity for one more level of appeal. Federal court offers the invaluable prospect of presenting your case […]

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