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Shabani & Associates takes great pride in providing our clients with exceptional, updated, and timely legal care in the state of Alabama.

Who We Are

Birmingham’s First Immigration Firm

Shabani & Associates, P.C. was the first immigration firm in Birmingham, Alabama with extensive experience in immigration cases of all kinds. We have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people through their journey in moving to the United States, without any underlying fear or uncertainty. Mr. Shabani helps both individuals and businesses in successfully receiving their resident visa, temporary and permanent visas, partner visa, investor and commercial visas, student exchange visa among others. Not only does our firm prioritize in keeping your family together, but we also specialize in defending the rights of your family members when cheated, accused, and even injured!

Practicing Since 1997

Decades of direct experience in Immigration Law are used in each case we work on. Our collaborative method of practice, our method of case preparation, handling, and even our communications to clients all are derived from years of experience. That being said, we are far more than just an immigration firm-- we are dedicated to providing your family with the services described in the section below.

What We Do

Far More Than Just an Immigration Firm

We recognize that uniting your family is only the beginning of your lives together. What next? Whether it is getting a job in the United States as a student, defending your rights after an accident, or even facing a DUI, our firm will not grow tired until you, as our client, reach justice. We are dedicated and honored to help all people, no matter the background they come from, culture they practice, or language they speak. Understanding that our vast clientele may run into a variety of obstacles, Shabani & Associates goes beyond just immigration law. Our services include criminal justice, civil law, personal injury, and family law with expertise in divorce and custody, insurance, workman compensation, and much more. Rest assured, no matter what life throws at you, Shabani & Associates are fully equipped to handle it.

Services We Offer

Why Choose Us

Your Family is Our Priority

With our decades of experience in multiple regions of law, as well as our experience with a myriad of clients, we can assure you that we know your dilemma, and we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our team guarantees you with our persistence inside and outside of court, promising you the justice you deserve. Due to our expertise in all of the services we offer, you can avoid the headache of going to different firms, paying more consultation fees, and more. Since our specialty is in immigration, it is evident that our urgency is to deliver a more promising life to our clients, as well as ensuring their presence among their families. It is our honor to guide you through each step to ensure that nothing stands between you and your permanent place in the United States. Start your journey with us today!
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