Honoring Immigrant Heritage

Honoring the Immigrant Heritage Month
This is the seventh annual celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month. This month recognizes the individuals that have contributed to our communities when immigrating to the U.S.
Since the Biden Administration took office, USCIS has been working on “Restoring Faith in the Legal Immigration System” and in strengthening integration and inclusion of immigrants in the U.S. Because of this, it was a pleasure to read the USCIS Director’s, Tracy Renaud, statement in which she said that, on average these are the numbers of people that are welcomed in our nation:
USCIS naturalizes 2,000 new citizens a day (resulting in 730,000 new citizens in the last decade)USCIS grants permanent residence to over 2,500 people dailyThere is an average of 1,029,800 new immigrants yearly
It is very rewarding to see that USCIS will continue to diversify this country making America strong.
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