All that glitters… the story of Obama Amnesty

The reality behind this “too good to be true” story of the immigration
regulation issued by the Obama administration

During the last two weeks we have been hearing that the Obama administrations is
planning to issue a regulation that would be able to address the problem created by
Catch 22, that forced the spouses and children of U.S. citizens who entered the country
unlawfully, to leave the country from a period of three to ten years so their application
can be processed or a waiver could be accepted.

The new proposal would let these people to present the waiver in the USCIS of the
United States and receive the answer without getting them to be away from their loved
ones. Ok, so here comes the reality punch, right now there is no changes in the law yet
and there’s no wording of the proposed change yet to be seen so, at least right now, this
proposal is just a good intention.

Let us remark that this rule will not change the facts that the doors are not going to
open for immigrants neither going to miraculously help the undocumented immigrants
without the necessary paperwork to obtain the status. So what we really want you to
know is that the word “Amnesty” has nothing to do with the real deal.

You thought that that was all? Well it’s not, this proposal will not take affect (if it does
take affect sometime) before the end of this year because, as in many other things,
the Rulemaking Process is a really slow process. The work of the USCIS will not
mean a real change on any kind of benefits for the immigrants and, if Obama loses in
November, well… let’s just say it will not change at all

So ok, everything looks like a lie and all but, what would you do? Well, lets say you just
have to do what you were doing, act like all this never happen and live your live, talk to
a lawyer, maybe you qualify for a waiver and you just didn’t know it. Stay Strong.

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