Area’s Undocumented Immigrants From Mauritania Fearful of Deportation

Undocumented Mauritanians now living in the United States are essentially countryless, with no proof that they are residents or citizens of any nation. And if they go back to Mauritania without documentation, they’re at the mercy of the police, Tidiane said.

Still, they’re being deported.

People typically cannot be deported if their country won’t accept them or offer them a passport. Even though Mauritania doesn’t want to take Black Moors back, the United States has gotten temporary passes from the Mauritanian Embassy to be able to send individuals back. There, the passes are torn up and the people jailed, Tidiane said.

In contrast to past U.S. practices, undocumented immigrants going to what used to be a routine ICE check-in are detained. Others are taken as part of a workplace raid, and still others find themselves in a detention facility after ICE officials show up at their home in the middle of the night or the early morning, attorneys said.

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