Does Cutting Immigration Threaten National Security?

The Trump administration’s plan to eliminate DACA and cut legal immigration in half over the next few years will have a profoundly negative impact on our country.

According to one commentator, national security could be one of the things that is negatively impacted.

In this article, Tim Kane, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer and current fellow at Stanford University, argues that our nation’s security is based, in large part, on immigration. Specifically, our nation needs a steady influx of new people in order to stay strong and healthy. 

Reducing immigration, Kane argues, is damaging economically as well as socially, which both weaken our nation. He points out that other nations, like China, are afraid of a young, vibrant, growing United States. The Trump administration’s policies on immigration only encourage foreign nations because it weakens our nation on a global stage.

As an immigration lawyer, I support more immigration, not less, and I agree with Tim Kane. It’s time to allow more people to come to our shores and help keep America as one of the strongest defenders of liberty and prosperity in the world.c

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