Fighting the Immigrations Scams

An unprecedented effort is taking place between the DHS, DOJ and FTC to fight against the scams in the immigration services.

The U.S. government has united three great agencies to fight back the scams going on in the immigration services. Every year more people come to the U.S. looking for the citizenship or the naturalization and suffer different types of scam. The agencies that are behind this fight against scams are the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Justice (DOJ).

“We are dedicated to protecting vulnerable immigrants from those who seek to exploit them” said the USCIS Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, who is very confident in the three pillars that sustain this campaign (enforcement, education and continued collaboration) as basic weapons for a successful process.

“Notarios and other illegal immigration service providers take advantage of unsuspecting immigrants trying to navigate the immigration system” told the <strong>ICE</strong> Director, John Morton, making clear that the “education” point in new immigrants is very important to fight the scams.

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