Form I-601 is NOT in effect

USCIS is considering modifications that would allow immediate family (spouse, children or parents of U.S. citizens) who can prove extreme hardship of the U.S. citizen to receive a temporary exemption from the restrictions of unlawful presence before leaving the United States.

This law is not and will not be available to applicants until the USCIS finally published the Federal Register specifying the date that went into effect. USCIS plans to publish these regulations in the coming months.

• Do not send your request at this time, because as we mentioned this exemption is not yet in force and return to this Act is notified in the Federal Register.

• Know that as always there will be some fraudulent practitioners, who can say that this law is already in place so he could get money. You can visit the USCIS web to make this more informed, and to prevent possible fraud.

If you already have a visa interview. Please remember to attend is very important. Since the Department of State may cancel your registration for an immigrant visa if you miss your interview.

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