Latinos against Obama as Deportation Rises

More than two to one Latinos are against Obama administration as the
deportations get to record levels

Under President Obama administration, the deportations are getting over 30% higher
than in George Bush’s second term and about double the annual rate during the first
one. But not only this because, while the deportation are rising, the apprehensions of
border crossers had declined by more than 70%

More than the 81% of the unauthorized immigrants have a Hispanic origin said the
Pew Hispanic Center, and with that in mind, is not a surprise that the 97% of the
deportees are Latinos.

For those who don’t know, in recent years the debate over illegal immigration has
been fighting between two priorities: To increase the border security or to help
immigrants to fill for a citizenship. Most Latinos said it would be better to have a
path to citizenship for immigrants and only 10% of them, would prefer to get a better
border security.

A survey was made to se if Obama would still have the Latino support on the 2012
presidential campaign and get the surprise that, even among the ones that disapprove
the way Obama is handling the deportations, he has the support of the majority over
the others Republican challengers.

This survey also demonstrates the identification that the Latino community has with
the Democratic Party. Over 45% of them said the Democratic Party has more concern
for Hispanics while only 12% said that it was the Republican Party.

And what are the most important issues for Latinos:

  • Jobs – 50%+
  • Education – 49%
  • Health care – 45%
  • Immigration – 33%

Things haven’t change since 2010 in this aspect.

  • 56% Latinos are not satisfied with the direction of the U.S.
  • 38% Latinos are satisfied with the direction of the U.S.
  • 24% Latinos say the know someone who has been deported
  • 91% Latinos support the DREAM Act (this would permit young adults who came to the
  • U.S. illegally when they were children to become legal)
  • 56%+ Don’t know who are the candidates for 2012.
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