Proposed Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Is Not in Effect

USCIS reminds the public to not fall victim to scams and suppliersunauthorized immigration law.

DHS, the Department of Homeland Security last month posted aNotice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that was about a plan to decrease the time that United States citizens are separated from their immediate families, while family members get a visa immigrantto legally reside in the USA.

Since the announcement was made, USCIS has taken into accountpublic opinion on this process, and to have no obstacles in the process the following advice:

The Unlawful Presence Interim Waiver is NOT in effect: This request will not be available until the date USCIS published later thisyear in the Federal Register.

USCIS has published a notice where they can send their proposalsand will be considered before final publication.

Do not send a request asking for a exenciónprovisional at this time. If the USCIS will reject it now sends. USCIS can not accept anyapplication until the processes and changes are made.

Beware of notaries, and persons not authorized to performimmigration law: that claim they can help just to get money. Learn toprotegerese to you and your family. You can read these scamsleftovers

If you have scheduled an appointment with the State Department to acquire an immigrant visa. Remember that you can cancel it.

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