Rise in smuggling of migrants

ONU representative says that the bigger are the barriers between countries are most vulnerable undocumented

MEXICO CITY (17/ABR/2012.) – A multimillion-dollar business and is on the rise. Trafficking in migrants leaving annually 6.6 billion dollars, according to the Mexico representative of the Office of the United Nations Organization (ONU) Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio L. Mazzitelli.

Yesterday, we inaugurated the International Conference on the Smuggling of Migrants, “Challenges and progress in implementing the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air”, which Mazzitelli expressed his concern at the increase of illegal flows persons.

“What is most frightening is the lack of legal and institutional structure, and will void the policy, especially the lack of resources to increase the instruments.”

Barriers cause offense

Mazzitelli said that each country should reduce immigration barriers and facilitate the flow to prevent crimes against migrants grow.

“The higher and difficult the barriers that are built to prevent the person different, foreign, to enter into society, the more room there is for criminal organizations or for those who try to find a way to breach these walls. ”

Criminal groups, he said, more profit and take advantage of these migration barriers to increase their economic power and its operating capacity. While migrants are considered invisible to the criminal organizations is a good, profitable product, the official said.

By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Leandro Arellano said that criminal organizations adapt to the conditions and take advantage of markets.

“The smuggling of migrants is more sophisticated and therefore countries should cooperate against this scourge.”

For Gustavo Betancourt, Assistant Secretary for Population, Migration and Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Interior, to the extent that immigration reform is registered in the U.S. continue to abuse and violence against migrants.

Mexico adopted the Migration Act in May 2011, but the standard has no rules.

Lawmakers last month sued the Interior Ministry issue it, because otherwise we cannot guarantee security for illegal immigrants during their passage through the country.

The rule arose over the killing of 72 Central and South American migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

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