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Immigration Court

Federal Court Civil Litigation

The firm has experience suing both the DHS and state governments in federal court for such matters as delays in processing applications of visas, citizenship and denying legal resident’s driver’s licenses. With so few avenues available to those ignored or treated unfairly by the federal government in the immigration process, a lawsuit/mandamus is many times the best option for justice.

With over thirteen years of litigation experience, our firm can evaluate and efficiently manage your case. We are experienced in handling civil, administrative, and criminal cases for immigrants and their families in federal court as well as before the Executive Office for Immigration Review and the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Federal Court Criminal Litigation.

The firm represents non-citizens in criminal cases in federal court involving illegal re-entry into the United States, alien smuggling, and false documents. We appear in Federal District Court in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia on these and other cases.

Administrative Litigation

The firm represents individuals in deportation and related proceedings in front of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (Memphis, Georgia, Louisiana) and the Bureau of Immigration Appeals in False Church in Virginia, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, Louisiana, Oakdale, Louisiana, Memphis, Tennessee, Tampa, Florida, Washington, D.C., and across the United States. Detention facilities in Perry County (Uniontown), Etowah County, (Gadsden), and Dekalb, Alabama are within our travel radius.

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