USCIS Reissues Receipt Notices for Extensions of Conditional Permanent Resident Status

On October 16, 2018, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began issuing new receipt notices for certain Forms I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to replace previously issued receipt notices containing inaccurate information.

In August 2018, USCIS issued receipt notices for certain pending I-751 petitions to extend conditional permanent resident (CPR) status from 12 months to 18 months. USCIS said it issued these receipt notices to provide an additional six months of CPR status to the I-751 petitioners while they continue to wait for their petitions to be adjudicated. Some of the receipts notices contained incorrect information that does not affect the extension of the CPR status, USCIS noted.

Petitioners who received incorrect receipt notices will receive corrected ones shortly, USCIS said. The agency asks those who have not received a corrected receipt notice by November 15, 2018, to notify the USCIS Contact Center at

The USCIS notice, which includes additional details depending on the situation, is at

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